Surviving COVID-19: June 4, 2020

From the Hill to the Quad: June 18, 2020

The Paper Chase: July 2, 2020

Rolling with the Punches: July 16, 2020

Strength in Numbers: July 30, 2020


Join us for a series of fireside chats all summer long with SVA Headquarters leadership on topics such as: leading practices to host virtual chapter meetings, chapter fundraising strategies, membership recruitment, driving participation while socially distancing, national policy and campus advocacy, and more.

Learn more about each session.

Join us for one fireside chat or all five. Your National Headquarters Team will host each session along with special guests from SVA's Alumni Community.

Surviving COVID-19: How to maintain and grow an SVA Chapter while complying with social distancing guidelines.

From the Hill to the Quad: How government legislation shapes the higher ed landscape for student veterans.

The Paper Chase: A discussion focusing on the best practices for fundraising.

Rolling with the Punches: A discussion about taking the good with the bad while developing an SVA Chapter.

Strength in Numbers: A discussion about growing an SVA Chapter through effective recruitment while fostering a fully engaged membership.


Meet our panelists.

Jared Lyon

SVA National President & CEO

Will Hubbard

SVA Chief of Staff

SVA VP of Government Affairs

Lauren Augustine

Fontaine Stegall

Valve Technology Engineer at MRC Global, SVA Board Member

Dr. Abby Kinch

Policy Analyst at IEM

Management Consultant at Accenture

Jonathan Granata

Timothy Jones

Service Navigator at Veterans Leadership Program

Anette Nance

Human Resources at PNC, former SVA Chapter President

Veteran Resource Coordinator at Community College of Rhode Island

Denny Cosmo

Sherry Shi

Software Engineer at Facebook, 2015 Student Veteran of the Year

Leadership 101: Best practices for Chapter Leaders.

Preview upcoming topics.

Turning Five into Five Hundred: Leveraging your SVA regional network to grow your chapter.

The More You Know: Using historical facts, data, and research toward advocating for the investment in student veterans at your college.

From Nothing to Something: Resurrecting or starting a new SVA Chapter.

Small School, Big Impact: The challenges of growing an SVA Chapter at a small college.

What Are You Reading?: A conversation with SVA Leadership and board members about their favorite books, authors and scholars who have influenced their lives and professional careers.

Critical Campus Resources: The most important resources for student veterans on a college campus.

Home Sweet Home: Best practices for obtaining and managing a student veteran center. 

Finding a Friend: Forming productive alliances on your college campus.

Strength in Numbers: July 30, 2020

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